Transform your business
through AI-driven analytics


What We Do

appli inc. is focused on the practical application of artificial intelligence to automate the delivery of business insight.  appli offers a SaaS-based platform that supports a portfolio of Autonomous Virtual Analysts, or AVAs, that continuously monitor all available data in real-time, and go deep to uncover the root causes of patterns and anomalies.  Using machine learning algorithms, AVAs perform predictive analytics to help prescribe the path to profitable outcomes. Ultimately, appli enables companies to move faster, with better information about their customers, their markets, and their untapped opportunities.


Discover the Value in Your Data


Integrate Your Data Platforms

  • Rapid mapping of fields

  • Matching algorithms

  • Scalable architecture


Leverage Built-In Domain Expertise

  • Inherent industry drivers

  • Machine learning  models

  • Business application context


Detect Patterns and Anomalies

  • Causal relationships

  • Root cause diagnostics

  • Reduced cycle time


Accelerate Decision Making

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Proactive insights

  • Operational efficiency